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The SFO is part of ENTUK. Medical students and foundation doctors interested in ENT can join ENTUK via the ENTUK website. The membership fee is reduced for trainees and medical students. To apply for membership please click here.
- Receive communications from ENTUK about conferences and courses relevant to ENT
- Access to membership areas of the website
- Access to comprehensive e-learning resources including E-lefENT
- Have a say in how ENT is taught to medical students and foundation doctors
-Networking opportunities including the opportunity to become an SFO UK representative or a member of the SFO committee
You will receive emails from ENTUK about ENT events. In addition, the SFO Facebook page and Twitter account will be advertising ENT events and SFO UK updates
In brief, after completion of 2 years of foundation training, you will apply for 2 years of core surgical training. You will need to be successful in obtaining at least 9 months of ENT in these 2 years of training. You will also need to complete MRCS (ENT).

There is a national ST3 selection process for a registrar post in ENT which spans on average 5 years
There is an option of clinical fellowship in UK during this training.

On attaining a certificate of completion of training, you will be able to apply for an ENT Consultant post.

Details of the process are available in the training section of the website
SFOUK website has access to comprehensive e-learning resources through the membership area. This includes access to the ElefENT website. The topics relevant to the undergraduate and foundation doctor ENT curriculum have been mapped to the relevant e-learning resources. The SFO is also developing a handbook for medical students and foundation doctors which will also be an excellent supportive tool for medical final exam preparation. This will be available as a free pdf version on our website during the summer of this year.

We also hope to launch an interactive app based on this handbook, which will also include MCQs.
There is an annual ENT UK undergraduate essay prize called the Mackay Prize. This is an excellent way to enhance your CV and demonstrate commitment to the specialty.

Please click here to find out the current essay question