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SFO Representatives

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Our Second Round of Applications is currently open. We have a number of vacancies currently. Applications will close on the 14th of April 2020. 

Become a SFO UK Regional Representative 

What is the Role of an SFO UK Regional Representative?

The primary roles of the SFO Regional Representatives are:

  1.    To help facilitate optimal delivery of ENT teaching at their medical school
  2.    To raise awareness of ENT as a career at their medical school
  3.     To raise the profile of the SFO as a means to facilitating point 1 and 2
What benefits can I expect as a SFO UK representative?

Certificate or other formal letter of recognition for their contribution to a national society upon completion of their posts. This can serve as evidence as commitment to surgery/ENT and evidence for leadership and management skills.Supported development as a leader and manager. The committee will support you throughout your time in this role. You will have the opportunity to lead local projects and get engaged in larger national projects.

Who is eligible? 

To become a regional representative you must be a Medical student, Foundation Doctor or Core Surgical Trainee with an Interest in ENT as a career.

How do I apply?

For more information please download the Job description. To apply  please click here