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Undergraduate Training

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As a medical student there is plenty of time to develop an interest in ENT. As part of your medical school course you will have an attachment in ENT usually of around 1-4 weeks. This will give you some exposure to common ENT emergencies, ENT operations and a feel for the speciality as a career.

Organising an elective in ENT can be a fantastic way of gaining more exposure and seeing how ENT is practised around the world. There is also the opportunity for self selected special study modules and one of these could be in ENT.

Using the initiative to approach an ENT consultant or an ENT trainee and expressing your interest in helping out with a project or ongoing audit is an invaluable way to gain experience in this speciality. If you have an interesting idea for an audit, find someone who is willing to supervise the project.

As a foundation trainee finding the time to attend theatre becomes more difficult because of the demands of a ward based job and therefore using your time as a student to attend theatre is much advised. Be sure to have revised your anatomy and this will make theatre sessions much more interesting and useful. Seeing the patient pre and post operatively is also useful as you can see how they presented and how they recover post operatively.

You can register with the pan-surgical e-logbook at any training level.

A Career in ENT

For those interested in pursuing a career in ENT. There is a very useful article available in student BMJ which provides a valuable information about ENT as a specialty. It has been produced by some members of SFO council and we would like to thank them for allowing us to use the article. It is very worthwhile reading for anyone interested in gaining insight into a career in ENT. 

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