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ENT Foundation Conference (BACO Virtual 2021)

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About the SFO UK Day at BACO Virtual 2021

8 years ago we founded the inaugural ENT UK Foundation ENT conference to address the limited exposure of medical students and foundation doctors to a career in ENT.  We are delighted to see many of those delegates now pursuing a career in ENT with some even returning as teaching faculty today.   We hope that the conference will inspire you into a career in our wonderful speciality. 

The aim of the conference is to provide you with an overview of the speciality and the career pathway alongside useful pointers on how to get ahead.  You will hear from eminent speakers in the field and have the opportunity to ask questions during the panel discussion. 

With ENT underrepresented in medical schools there is often limited exposure to ENT clinical skills and procedures.  The afternoon practical skills session will provide you with the opportunity to refresh your clinical examination skills, anatomy knowledge and the ability to perform ENT specific procedures under supervision. 

- Ms Ameera Abdelrahim MBChB MRCS DOHNS, Foundation Conference Lead – SFO-ENTUK Committee and ENT Registrar West Midlands Deanery

Update 23/2/21: BACO 2021 On-Demand Available

For those who attended the BACO International 2021 Conference, all the sessions have been recorded and are available until June 20th 2021 to watch on-demand. Log into the BACO 2021 page to access these resources. It is still possible to access this material for those who did not attend via the Educational Package. This offers the entire BACO 2021 set of sessions.

In case you missed our very own trailer for the SFO UK Day of BACO 2021, here it is.